Proud to Present: An edgy and inspiring brand for Berly

Gorgeous Kim Sprenger is one helluva lady. Based in Southern California, Kim is a ridiculously talented videographer creating videos steeped with emotion and underlined with purpose. Beautifully meaningful and incredibly evocative, her videos tug at the heartstrings in a big way. Kim creates films which celebrate life and love, telling the stories of those who hire her in her signature style. 

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Proud to Present: a retro inspired brand for The Swans

Ahhhhhh, The Swans. Lovely Kelly and Nathan are simply wonderful people with humungous hearts and the kind of reassuring presence that you know everything's going to be ok. Kelly has been photographing weddings for years under the banner of Shooting Suzie Photography, with Nathan joining her more recently to create a very awesome husband and wife photography double act. The Shooting Suzie name was no longer working for them; they wanted to rebrand to celebrate their combined talents and to create a feel that really reflected the gentle nostalgia and warmth of their photography. Here's their story...

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Introducing From The Oast, our new online shop

I'm so excited to share some news with you!

Many of you will recognise the beautiful illustrations we create, which frequently feature within our brand identities - and if you've visited the studio there's a good chance you've admired the photography on our walls, too.

From The Oast is our new online shop where you can browse and buy a selection of illustrations and photography inspired by the rolling countryside that we call home.

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On the importance of sharing your brand beliefs

When you share what you believe, you bring your mission to life. You create something relateable, engaging and meaningful. When brands share what they believe, and when we believe the same thing, we feel an affinity to them that money can't buy. We feel a connection that outweighs the impact of any clever marketing campaign, because it hits our hearts rather than our heads. This feeling of emotional connection is controlled by the limbic system, the part of our brain that is responsible for controlling emotions, memories and arousal. 

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On finding the right words to make your business stand out

I know how hard it can be to express what makes your business unique. Even more so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by competitors who appear louder, brasher and more sure of themselves.

A great deal of the business owners who hire us to rebrand their business are frustrated that they’re not expressing themselves clearly. Many haven’t a clue why customers choose them over their competitor. Or, heartbreakingly, some tell us that they get booked simply because they’re available to deliver the work when others are not, or that they’re a bit cheaper than their competitors. This is no foundation for building a successful brand. Don’t be the ‘that’ll do’ option. You’re better than that.

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Bringing a brand to life: Crouch Butchers, Wadhurst

Do you remember the brand we created for Crouch Butchers last year? We worked with this brilliant family to craft a fresh brand identity that would celebrate their 40th year in business whilst setting them on a fresh path for the next phase of their business. And part of that was always going to include refitting their three shops to reflect their new look and create true foodie havens that would be a pleasure for customers to shop in.

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