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 Brand consultancy by Hannah Belton at Ditto Creative, branding agency Kent

Far too many business owners undersell themselves. They're either too modest, they struggle to articulate their strengths, or they lack the clarity to see why people buy from them.  The result? Their potential for success is dampened. This has to change.

brand consultancy by ditto

We are highly experienced in working with entrepreneurs. We have an innate ability to quickly get to the heart of what matters within your business, providing a fresh pair of eyes and an expert perspective on your brand. 

 Brand consultancy by Hannah Belton at Ditto Creative, branding agency Kent

Together, we'll help you define your vision for your brand, narrow in on your dream clients and craft a compelling brand story that'll elevate your business to a whole new level. We'll hatch new ideas and nurture those wisps of ideas that have been flying around your mind, giving you a clear direction for the future.

Ideal for you if…

You’re looking to launch a new venture and want the confidence of making sure that proper thought has been dedicated to your positioning, or are looking to reposition your business and need an objective view.

You draw out the beauty and essence of people and help them see their business differently
— Nicola Deverson, Envision

What to expect

We'll provide a fresh perspective, clarity and insight to new possibilities that you might not have considered, with substance and proper thought behind every idea. You'll gain a big picture of your brand and the people who most love what you do, discovering how to communicate with them in a meaningful and powerful way. We'll help you express your brand's personality, your values and your mission.

Above all, we'll deliver energy, expertise and a genuine desire to support you in creating a truly exceptional brand.

You don’t really believe that an outsider can feel such an integral part of your business until Hannah is there, holding your hand and guiding you through your reinvention. We now feel confident as a business, knowing what we stand for, and that the messages we are projecting out there ENTIRELY reflect those principles.
— Ian renwick, jaded palates

Our brand consultancy sessions are held in our stunning countryside studio, or can be held via Skype for those who can't get to us in person. Either way, it's our job to provide you with the space and time for ideas to percolate and provide you with the support you need to make things happen.

Brand consultancy provides a perfect springboard for the brand design process. We also have a limited number of monthly slots available for those who want ongoing support and a regular dose of our practical and inspiring coaching style.