crouch butchers

The Crouch family have been such a joy to work with. We tend to work expecially well with family businesses; there's a unique dynamic to them which we entirely understand. Decisions can be more emotionally driven, and there's certainly another level of dedication which changes the flavour of the way they work. And Crouch butchers are certainly a brand that celebrates family. Started by Bill Crouch in 1977, the business has been built from the ground up by Bill and his wife Rowena, and has earnt a loyal and well established customer base across their three shops. Now headed up by Rob, a third generation master butcher, the business enjoys a thriving high street trade along with a busy wholesale arm.

They do what they do really well; they simply needed to express themselves better. Can you believe that they built thier business without a trace of an online presence?! As they prepare to refit their largest store (and to celebrate their fortieth birthday in style), the Crouch family approached Ditto for a brand that'd honour their heritage and put Crouch firmly on the map as the best, most desirable butcher in the South East!

This style is SO our jam. Derek created a gorgeous range of illustrations which absolutely stole the show during the brand presentation, and Dan's beautiful use of typography, colour, pattern and his signature photography styling really elevates this brand to something exceptional.

Rebranding a business can be incredibly emotive - and that's especially true for a family business where there's a heavier weight of responsibility on the younger generation to honour the business that their parents built from nothing. We're so, so proud to have worked with this wonderful family and we can't wait to see what the future holds for them.