Eager to prove that financial brands don't need to all look the same - and most certainly don't need to be boring - Lothbury hired Ditto to re-imagine their brand identity. Here's their story...

Lothbury are a busy and successful wealth management firm based in London, who are becoming an increasingly popular choice with high net worth individuals. Thanks to their collaborative approach, unique skills and unrivalled knowledge of the industry, Lothbury operate from a position of strength and win the majority of business from personal recommendation. A small team of highly specialist experts, they embrace individuality and encourage free thinking. 

As the business has evolved, there's a real need to hone the brand message and put Lothbury on the map as the go-to firm for those who require an enhanced service and financial perspective that’s not available elsewhere. 

The overall mood is one of strength and exclusivity. Refined and robust, this brand is grounded enough not to scare clients off, but has a boldness to it which makes it feel individual and unexpected for a financial brand. Inspired by Tony’s hobby, there’s a subtle nod towards the nautical which adds personality and meaning. These elements hint towards navigation and plotting a course which we feel sums up Lothburys' work really well. 

The fresh brand, topped off with a spanking new website, sets the tone for the next phase for Lothbury.