Philip BerryMan

London photographer Philip Berryman is a talent beyond words. With a CV that many would kill for, Philip spent 9 years shooting for Vogue, as well as Glamour, Marie Claire, The Times and In Style. He's photographed celebrities and royalty (he casually sent us some 'snaps' taken at Alice Temperley's wedding, followed by a photo of him chilling out with Dannii Minogue and One Direction). He has won numerous awards and had his work featured in some of the most aspirational lifestyle magazines of our time.

Philip approached Ditto to help him create a new brand identity that'd enable him to re-launch his business with a bigger, stronger and more impressive identity than ever before. We were totally up for the challenge...

The aim of our work together was to create a high end, luxury brand which reflected Philip's unique style and creative vision. Philip's aim is to bring his fashion and editorial style to weddings and celebrations, photographing special events in a way unlike anyone else. We wanted to create an identity that's high end, dramatic and incredibly stylish to showcase his talent and make it shine.

Branding a creative business is always really interesting: it requires a deep understanding of the style and spirit of the business to ensure that the branding supports it, rather than fights against it. Philip's photography is full of life; his glossy, energetic and vibrant images leap off the page and are shot with his unmistakable style. 

Bold shapes are given plenty of breathing space to create a confident, aspirational mood. Elegant high contrast serifs are paired with clean and minimal san-serifs for a fresh and contemporary feel. We love the tag line 'life & style' which perfectly captures the spirit of what Philip does, and the energy which he brings to each event that he photographs. We’re currently working with Philip on packaging design and his new website – and we’re chuffed to bits that in the time we’ve been working together, he’s picked up some fantastic jobs including a day spent at Buckingham Palace, no less. Fancy!

Not only do they have an uncanny insight into understanding what makes you the person that you are but they have an intrinsic ability to offer such genuine and valuable advice that sets you on a course with renewed enthusiasm, vigour and confidence.

From start to finish I feel I have a team of friends that care and believe in me and are there to support and advise with a professional, informed, critical eye. Time spent getting alternative quotes and sourcing other agencies was a complete waste of time. Ditto have it all and deliver it with elegance and a passion that makes you realise this is not just a job but an endeavour that Ditto are committed to with a real genuine dedication and talent. Time spent in their company is both enjoyable and enlightening and certainly not an engagement you will regret.
— Philip Berryman