branding with feeling

These days, consumers are faced with a wealth of choice - every single day. You need a brand which has the power to tug on the heartstrings of your people. One that elevates your brand to a whole other level. 

And to do that, you need to build a feeling around your brand.

It's not just about creating a drop-dead gorgeous brand identity, but about truly understanding the culture of your business, the values that define your brand and the people who most love what you do - and telling that story through a seamless set of visuals and carefully crafted words that make your business utterly irresistible. 

how it works


We'll begin our journey together with a collaborative workshop to delve into your business and inspire us all with the possibilities! It’s your opportunity to air all the wisps of ideas that have been flying around your mind with us at your side to harness them together and create a clear, articulate message. We’ll work through your mission, your values, your vision for the future, the people who will most love what you do and the message they need to hear to make your brand the only possible option. We’ll look at your strengths, the things that excite you about your brand and the spot in the market that you can truly make your own. This is an incredibly exciting, inspirational and invaluable session that'll set us up for a brilliant journey ahead!


Once we know exactly who the brand is, we can set about expressing that personality through your visual identity. We use a process called colour psychology, which provides our framework for the style which best suits your brand. It's what ensures that our brands are created with confidence and conviction, never a whim. Within your brand identity, we'll deliver your logo design, colour palette, typography, secondary logo variations, illustrations or icons, elements, pattern and texture, all created by hand for an entirely one of a kind, beautiful brand. Your brand will be presented with a comprehensive series of gorgeous images to show how your brand could work in real life – this could include snapshots of gift boxes, catalogues, thank you notes, business stationery… whatever we decide is right for your brand. We'll deliver your gorgeous new brand to you in a Style Guide that includes your brand story and all of the visuals, providing you with a definitive guide to your new look.


By this phase of our work together, we’ll have absolute clarity on your brand personality, and we’ll have a brand that sings your strengths from the rooftops, too. The next step will be getting it out there! Together, we'll plan your brand launch and deliver a communications plan to map out the items you need to communicate powerfully, in the order that you need them. This will not only ensure that you launch your brand with a bang, but also stave off the overwhelm and keep you focused, ensuring not a single opportunity is missed.

Working with Ditto has definitely contributed to the growth of my business
— Denise Tiran, Expectancy