While every business requires a different blend of support from us, we believe wholeheartedly in transparency and we know you’d like an idea of pricing before you get in touch.

No matter what the scope or size of a branding project, the core deliverables remain the same:

  • Initial consultation – an inspirational session to get to know you, your business and what you’re here to achieve. An opportunity to create a vision for your brand that’s guaranteed to give you tingles!
  • Brand vision board & sketched logo concepts - a vision board and sketched logo concepts to demonstrate our creative direction
  • Logo design – a carefully crafted, distinctive logo and one of a kind logo
  • Colour palette – your primary brand colours and supporting accent colours 
  • Secondary logo designs – variations of your main logo, designed to suit a multitude of platforms
  • Typography – a selection of typography for headlines, accents and body copy
  • Brand elements – icons, illustrations, shapes or banners 
  • Patterns and texture – for character and personality
  • Visual mock-ups – to show you how your brand will work in real life
  • Image styling – photography and image styles to reinforce your brand message
  • Brand story – your guide to your new brand, including all visual elements we’ve created
  • Design assets – provision of all design assets as pdf, jpeg and eps, ready for you to use straight away.
  • Consultancy - plenty of support and consultancy along the way from a team who get it and want to see you do well! Think of us as your business allies.

The investment for small business and start-ups begins at £3450 + VAT for brand design. Established businesses requiring a rebrand typically invest from £4750 + VAT as their requirements are generally more involved.

Add-ons such as web design, marketing materials and consultancy are priced additionally and will be set out in your custom proposal before we begin our work together.



branding with feel

Any old Tom, Dick or Harry can design a logo. But you know that powerful branding is about more than that.

Branding with Feel is the concept of creating a brand which has the power to tug on the heartstrings of your people. A buying decision which is emotive rather than logical is always a more powerful one; creating an emotional connection is the fastest way to win people over, reduce the need to haggle and create die-hard brand advocates.

And to do that, you need to create a feeling around your brand.

At Ditto, we specialise in creating brands that capture the spirit of what you do, conjuring up a feeling of your business and creating exactly the right perception before your customer has even picked up the phone to you. What's so powerful about that is that it means your brand will be doing a good chunk of the selling for you, before you've even breathed a word.

Which brings us to colour psychology...

If you’ve ever faced the pain of trying to create a design for your brand, knowing it doesn’t feel right (but not knowing why), then colour psychology will be a revelation to you. 

Colour psychology is all about marrying up your brand values and intention (the feeling it needs to create to win those sales!) with a set of visual assets which create an emotional reaction. It's the single most powerful element of our branding process that influences the way your business is perceived.

Ultimately, it enables us to create a brand which your clients will love, which you’ll love and which will tell the story of your business in a way you can’t imagine right now. This means a faster route to a powerful, commercially successful brand for you.

This is our unique edge and your secret weapon – the tool we’ll use for your business to ensure that your brand has emotional pull. And when you remember that people buy based on emotional reactions – well, you’re missing a trick if you let this slip past you.