Inspiring, uplifting & brimming with possibility

Every business owner we've ever met undersells themselves. They're either too modest, they feel uncomfortable in being assertive about what they do well, or they simply lack the clarity to see why people buy from them. This has to change.

Brand strategy sessions by Ditto are a world away from spreadsheets and flip charts. Held at our stunning countryside farm, it's an immersive experience that gets to the heart of what matters. Together, we'll hatch new ideas and nurture those wisps of ideas that have been flying around your mind, giving you a clear direction for the future of your brand.

Ideal for you if…

You’re looking to launch a new venture and want the confidence of making sure that proper thought has been dedicated to your positioning, or are looking to reposition your business and need an objective view.

What to expect

We'll provide a fresh perspective, clarity and insight to new possibilities that you might not have considered, with substance and proper thought behind every idea. You'll gain a big picture of your brand and the people who most love what you do, discovering how to communicate with them in a meaningful and powerful way. We'll help you express your brand's personality, your values and your mission.

Above all, we'll deliver energy, expertise and a genuine desire to support you in creating a truly exceptional brand.

You don’t really believe that an outsider can feel such an integral part of your business until Hannah is there, holding your hand and guiding you through your reinvention. We now feel confident as a business, knowing what we stand for, and that the messages we are projecting out there ENTIRELY reflect those principles.
— Ian renwick, jaded palates
Hannah Belton, creative director, brand consultant and brand storyteller at Ditto Creative, boutique branding agency Kent

Brand Strategy by Ditto is bought to you by me, Hannah Belton.

I am a brand consultant, creative director and business ally. I can help you create a more powerful brand, capture the hearts of the people who love what you do and make it easier to sell.

I’ve been working with businesses owners for over eleven years, enabling them to define and hone their message, to understand what makes their business so special and helping them to communicate powerfully. Over that time, I’ve worked with everything from one man start-ups to consulting to national franchises. I act as a mentor, coach and objective sounding board. Because running a business can be scary! And you need the confidence of having someone at your side who gets your business and can push you out of your comfort zone to help you make real changes.

I can't wait to learn about your business!