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Every business owner we've ever met undersells themselves. They're either too modest, they feel uncomfortable in being too assertive about what they do well, or they simply lack the clarity to see why people buy from them. This has to change.

We've created three brilliant packages, designed to make our inspiring and encouraging mentoring style more accessible for business owners who would like a piece of the Ditto magic to give their business some welly. You can tap into our wealth of branding and marketing expertise from as little as £175 plus VAT.

You draw out the beauty and essence of people and help them see their businesses differently
— Nicola Deverson

One to one training & mentoring

Ideal for you if…

You want a hit of our expertise and know-how in bitesize, book-as-you-need-them sessions. Perhaps you’d like to pick our brains on how to clarify your message, or better articulate what you do? Maybe you’re unsure of how best to use social media for your brand? Are you an amateur blogger, stuck for content? Do you want to strike out in a new direction, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’re curious about using colour psychology within your brand, and want some guidance from an expert?

Our one to one sessions are your chance to benefit from our years of experience in promoting businesses to answer your burning questions. This is a no hold-barred, ask us anything session to point you in the right direction and resolve your current marketing challenges.

How it works

Before our session, I’ll send you a short questionnaire to get the lay of the land and understand what you need our help with. During our session, we’ll cover as much ground as we can cram in to our hour together. You’ll leave feeling more confident and clear.


Our one to one training sessions are delivered in one hour, bitesize chunks. And the best bit? You get to dip inside our heads and extract all of the cleverness within – just book a session as and when you feel you need it.

Investment: £175 plus VAT

The Fledgling

Ideal for you if…

You might not be ready to invest in your visual identity, but you’d really like our help in articulating the great stuff that you do and would like support to find your voice, create a consistent marketing message and identify your audience.

How it works

Together, we’ll work through a two hour workshop designed to get you thinking differently about your business, working through the questions you don’t have the time (or brain space) to consider. We’ll explore every corner of your brand, covering everything from your customers, your competitors, the things you do better than anyone else and your vision for the future. This is a fun, inspirational session that’ll put a spring in your step!


As well as a big dose of inspiration, I’ll provide you with a written Brand Story for your business which sets out your brand vision, your mission, your target market and the value that you bring to their world. I’ll pull together all of your ideas into a clear and coherent message that’ll become an essential resource for you and your team to better understand the language, tone of voice and character of your brand. It’ll help you articulate the value of what you do, understand how to stand head and shoulders above the competition, and what it is that makes your business unique. We’ll get to grips with who your best customers are, and how to find more just like them. You’ll also get my recommendations on what you could do differently to better communicate all the wonderful stuff you do.

This is a two hour workshop, delivered in person at The Oast or via Skype, plus an hours’ follow up support to discuss the outcome and answer any questions. You’ll normally receive your Brand Story within one working week.

Investment: £455 plus VAT

Out in the Wild

Ideal for you if…

The Out in the Wild package is available exclusively to clients who have hired us to design their brand.

Whether you’d like to keep us firmly by your side to ensure your new brand looks every bit as good as nature intended, or whether you plan to hand things over to your chosen web developer/ graphic designer (and for those brave souls implementing their brand themselves!), we offer creative direction services to keep a watchful eye on things and provide concise and constructive feedback.

How it works

Delivered over 3 two hour sessions, this package secures you our time to support you as you roll out your new look. We’ll be there to answer any questions you have about implementing your brand, managing the launch and communicating powerfully. This could include social media strategy, pointers on writing press releases or providing feedback on designs you’ve created using your new brand.


If you’ve loved working with us on your branding and aren’t quite ready to let us go, this one’s for you! You’ll get our honest, constructive and expert approach to ensure your brand looks awesome as it gets released into the big wide world.

Investment: £199 plus VAT per month for three months


Hannah Belton, creative director, brand consultant and brand storyteller at Ditto Creative, boutique branding agency Kent

Our brand strategy sessions are bought to you by me, Hannah Belton.

I am a brand storyteller, brand stylist, creative director and business ally. I can help you create a more powerful brand, capture the hearts of the people who love what you do and make it easier to sell. I have a knack of translating the most vague and rambling of ideas into a clear and coherent message – and helping you realise the potential in your business while I’m at it.

I’ve been working with small businesses for over ten years, enabling them to define and hone their message, to understand what makes their business so special and helping them to communicate powerfully. Over that time, I’ve worked with everything from one man start-ups to consulting to national franchises. I help clients to see the best in their businesses; to think big, explore the potential of their brand and develop untapped opportunities. I act as a mentor, ally and objective sounding board. Because running a business can be scary! And you need the confidence of having someone at your side who gets your business and can push you out of your comfort zone to help you make real changes.

I can't wait to learn about your business!