The positive effect of being cheerful

You might find it a bit odd that my very first post is not related to marketing, nor print or even design – but mood. The effect that personality and attitude can have on your business should never be underestimated, and being pleasant to your clients is the quickest (and cheapest!) way of being remembered with a smile. You’ll have noticed by now that the name of our new blog also has little to do with what we get up to in our business – and there’s a good reason for that! The gorgeous ducks image was adopted as a colourful graphic to brighten up our website a couple of years ago, and it was amazing that people would specifically mention it when they called us. If I had a pound for every person who told me they like the ducks image... well, I’d be a bit richer! Everyone said it made them smile, so we quickly started using it elsewhere: firstly on our outdoor sign, then our business cards and then on the banner we take to exhibitions and most recently on our ‘thank you’ receipt cards. We’ve become known for it. And I love that we have; it’s a bright cheery image which is full of fun and just makes you smile which is why incorporating the ducks in our blog seemed like the logical thing to do.

It was funny timing that no sooner did I set up my blog that I spoke to a sales rep who looked and sounded incredibly grumpy. We all have a bad day from time to time, but business is business and it’s important to be professional. It struck me that I’d made an instant judgement on this lady and her company, just based on her attitude. Had she had a smile on her face I’m sure my feelings towards her would have been different. So there we have it. My first piece of blog-published advice: smile more – it’s good for business!