Show your customers the value of your work

One of my clients produces holograms that promotes strength, balance, flexibility and performance. These clever little things sit in wristbands and work away to help you become more balanced, stress-free and strong. Sound like a bit of voodoo? That's what I thought, until Paul Gave me a little demo. Wristband-free, Paul asked me to stand in front of him and basically tried to push me over (not all of my clients react to me in this way!) - of course, he succeeded after a while in toppling me sideways. He asked me to pop a wristband on and we repeated the exercise. I was absolutely amazed at the difference - I was solid and wouldn't budge an inch. Psychosomatic? Perhaps. Paul told me he produces the holograms for horses too, so we decided to give them a go on my horse, Suli - renowned by all who have ridden him as the clumsiest horse in the world. He frequently falls over his own feet, so presented a fabulous litmus test for the holograms. Paul advised me to pop 3 holograms on the underside of Suli's saddle and give it a go. Amazingly, my chronically trippy pony stayed upright and performed brilliantly! He felt stronger, more forward (that's 'faster' for the non-horsey amongst you) and definitely more balanced. So perhaps the holograms had a psychological effect on me, but Suli certainly wasn't subjected to the same expectations as me. Anyway, I digress. The point is, without this demo I would probably still think that Paul's claims of his holograms' properties were a bit dubious. And the way that this relates to other businesses is pretty straight forward - if you're selling a service which potential clients are unsure of, why not offer a free demonstration or short consultation to prove yourself? At worst you'll have had an invaluable opportunity to forge new relationships and gather new contacts (which can be contacted at a later date), and at best - well, you might just secure the client you've been waiting for.