New in this week - a leaflet for Spring House

I was so looking forward to working with Maree and her team at Spring House. We had a pretty open brief (which is always brilliant as we have the opportunity to really get creative!) and the initial ideas we'd discussed were met with huge enthusiasm.

I wanted to create a homely, relaxed and welcoming piece to reflect the personality of the charity and attract new families. Maree agreed to invest in some stock photography which has proved essential in setting the right mood for the leaflet - we decided on some beautiful photos which complemented the warm colours from their logo. We were really careful when choosing the images to find real, earthy photos rather than anything too staged or posey (not too 'Laura Ashley', as Maree put it!) so our images looked like the sorts of people who use Spring House. Anything too false would have ruined the tone of the piece and completely negated our work to make the leaflet attractive to its target audience - I certainly feel that the final images hit the spot perfectly. The image for the front of the leaflet that we were drawn to had strong tones of orange which we picked out from the logo to help us establish a theme. Dan drew some gorgeous icons for the telephone and email details to add some interest, touching on that hand-drawn theme we wanted to emulate. To take that idea a bit further, we also created a hand outline which we used in either purple or orange to give a nod to the logo. I absolutely love the design, and the guys at Spring House do too! We rushed to get the leaflets sent to print in time for an event being held in the centre of town at the weekend - it'll be interesting to find out how these leaflets help make a difference. If ever there was proof that investing in some time with a professional design team can do wonders for your marketing, I believe this is it!