Has the recession killed off shouty 'look at me!' advertising?

Well, not killed off. But sedated, perhaps. At the beginning of the recession we saw loads of adverts screaming 'Quick!! Buy it!! It's only £10.99 and they're selling out FAST!!!!!'. They were everywhere - on TV, in magazines, spilling through our front door in their droves (mostly printed on cheap, flimsy paper). Many a company were advertising their Credit Crunch Specials and Recession Busting Super Deals. But a bit like the latest X-factor winner, they were horribly unoriginal, dated quickly and, with astonishing speed, they became so incredibly boring.

We've tired off the 'stack 'em high' culture. The recession has reminded the consumer that quality is worth paying for - and certainly it means a hell of a lot more than price. Unlike the beginning of the recession, when the media was urging us all to haggle, compare prices and spend hours on the internet looking for cut-price alternatives, we've all taken a deep breath and recognised it's worth paying for a decent product, or paying someone for their time to do the job properly. Probably because we all got stung by a Credit Crunch Special Offer which was cheap, but nasty, and fell apart in the first wash. Marketeers are recognising this shift, which is why you'll notice a lot more subtle marketing when you look around at the moment. Adverts designed to gently remind us 'excuse me, I'm here, don't forget me' rather than yell in our faces about the latest offer. Less DFS, more John Lewis.

Personally, I think it's great! Subtle advertising is so much more interesting, clever and enjoyable to see as a consumer. There'll always be a place for shouty advertising, because sometimes that's the most appropriate and effective way of doing things. But isn't it nice that we can all forget about price for a minute and enjoy quality?