Benefit come to Sevenoaks!

I walked into Boots earlier today and almost squealed in excitement when I saw that their new layout included a Benefit make-up counter. I was SO excited that I had to call several of my friends straight away - we all love their brand. I'll forgive you if you don't know who Benefit are. Unless you're female, in which case - you'll know! Benefit make the most luscious make-up a girl could ask for: gorgeous products in beautiful packaging sold with a dazzling smile and all the advice and tips you could possible want (if you're a girl, this stuff matters!) The look of the brand is beautiful, reflecting the style of 1950's America giving it that fun, flirty, feminine feel. They know their demographic too - their facebook presence is huge and they've got strong links to Glamour magazine (one of the UK's best selling women's magazines), giving away a free product with the magazine every year. Benefit aren't cheap, but they remain a best-selling brand globally despite a rocky economic climate and households everywhere making cut backs to save some cash. Wouldn't we all like to be in their shoes right now?! Let me talk you through the reasons why Benefit are so darn fabulous....

1) The product is perfect. High quality, long lasting, and total genius (like the slanted brushed to make applying eye make-up easier)
2) Benefit is a high end brand which means it's only sold at a counter - (and there aren't very many about!) beauty counters stereotypically come with snooty women who are intimidating to anyone who doesn't have cover girl-perfect makeup all day everyday. The Benefit girls are different; always welcoming, never intimidating, they're chatty, fun and make you feel completely at ease
3) The packaging is incredible. Cute, clever and completely unique, you know that when you buy a Benefit product you're paying extra for the packaging but it's so pretty you don't really care
4) It's such a fun brand! With product names like 'some kind a gorgeous', 'hello flawless' and 'boi-ing', this is a brand who doesn't take themselves too seriously. It's so refreshing to buy a make-up product with a name more interesting than 'mascara-black', 'foundation-porcelain'.... you get the idea.

For these reasons, I happily parted with £23 for a blusher, even though I could get one for less than a fiver from a different brand in Boots if I wanted to. Isn't it amazing that despite the recession, the confidence that Benefit exudes from their brand make their customers willingly pay premium prices for their product? If they could bottle their success, I'd be at the head of the queue. In the meantime, I might just have to content myself with their new line of fragrances......