No No NO to pushy salespeople!

Oh my goodness. I've just been subjected to some of the pushiest sales techniques going, in the shape of an uber-bouncy, 5 foot 3" brunette who bounded into the shop and started trying to sell with no introduction whatsoever - apart from complimenting my outfit before she began her pitch (10 out of 10 for effort though - clearly she knows her audience!). She whipped a small make-up compact out of her bag and started giving me the hard-sell, telling me all about the eye shadows which were 'really really creamy, cool right?', bronzer which she brushed right over my hand and the lip glosses which she shoved under my nose for me to smell 'they smell like mint aeros, cool, huh?!' and then grabbed her order pad (which I noticed she'd already filled in with certain details) and asked me how many sets I'd like to order. As we all know, my heart belongs with Benefit when it comes to cosmetics and since I stocked up with them just last week, I really don't care about her new product, no matter that she was offering 80% off if I ordered today. Not to be perturbed, she quickly came back with 'oh ok, so you'd probably buy this as a gift for one of your friends then, how many would you like?'. Despite being extremely confident and enthusiastic which are qualities that are essential in a good salesperson, I detest this breed of over the top, pushy sales and I know I'm not alone. Do you have to be pushy to intimidate customers into a sale? No. It doesn't work!