Get interactive with your marketing

BT have done something pretty unusual. They're inviting us, their audience, to choose what happens next in the long running relationship between Jane and Adam who feature in their adverts (which has spanned over 5 years accross 35 adverts!). They've already created a pretty engaging series of adverts, focussing on the lives of Jane, Adam, their children and their friends with BT's product being almost secondary to the plot of the story. It seems that the audience have got pretty attached to the central characters of BT's adverts - in fact, when the story looked like it could be veering towards a split between Jane and Adam, viewers took time out of their day to actually complain. So the latest advert which invites us to choose what happens next is bound to get a huge reaction. Members of BT's facebook page even got the chance to vote before the ad was aired on TV, further encouraging consumer interaction with the brand.

So we know that BT have got some very clever people in their marketing department who have devised some lovely adverts, a compelling story and an engaging campaign which keep BT firmly in our minds. But what if we don't have a marketing department, a range of TV ads and the budget to be able to saturate every possible avenue to get to our customer? Well, we know that our customers like to get involved and feel part of our business. We know that if we want to get our customers interested, we need to do something a bit more impressive than a flyer. So what exactly are our options?

This month, we've been really busy working on scratch cards for our clients. A fantastic way of getting customers involved, we've been appealing to our primal instinct to gamble and have used it to our clients' advantage to create some really fab promotions. Loads of our clients have found these to be so much more successful at promoting a new product or service than using a flyer - who can resist scratching off that little silver panel to see what they've won?! Give away prizes or offer the opportunity to sample your product for free - there are loads of ways to use scratch cards to your advantage and they are guaranteed to work better than anything you've tried so far. I'll post up some of our favourite designs soon and you never know - I might give you the chance to vote for your favourite.... ;-)

PS - just for fun, here's my favourite of the BT ads - who didn't feel Jane's pain here?!