New in this week... scratch cards for iPilot

I love working on scratch cards! They present such a great opportunity to have a bit of fun, and iPilot have taken full advantage of this. Scratch cards appeal to an innate desire within all of us to gamble, which means they'll attract a much higher response rate than leaflets. Afterall, who can resist scratching off that little silver strip to see what's underneath? Although there are no definite statistics, it's thought that scratch cards will get an impressive 70% response rate. Compare that to the 4% response rate which you should expect to get from a leaflet drop and it's really a no brainer. iPilot wanted to promote their Champagne Flight Experiences, so we've made this their big prize with lots of other goodies available to win too. iPilot are lucky enough to have been featured by some big names in the media, so we made sure that their logos were prominant on the front of the card. We've also used the jet image which appears on other brochures, banners and their website to give the cards a really pulled together, branded feel. iPilot have got a very strong brand image, so it goes without saying that we've used their logos, fonts and colours too.

Apart from the bold headline and scratch panels on the front of the card, we've written some copy for the back of the card to explain a bit about iPilot and the experience they offer. We've also made sure that we've included a clear call to action, so that winners know exactly what to do in order to claim their prize. We really love it and I can't wait to see the printed product - what do you think?