A beautiful business card can make all the difference!

I'm a wee bit obsessive about business cards. I suppose because we work on business cards on a daily basis I'm more opinionated than most - but even people with no knowledge of print and design know what a shoddy business card looks like. We go to an awful lot of networking events, so it's perfectly common for me to come home with a handbag rammed full of business cards I've collected. Like most people, the next day I'll go through the business cards and get in touch with anyone I met who I'd like to work with. And I'm afraid to say - I judge people's businesses on the look and feel of their business card. Flimsy card? Tells me you're cheap. Single colour? Tells me your business is dated. Awful layout? Tells me you don't care enough about your company to invest in a decent design. When your business card is the first point of contact a prospective client will have with your business, is it not worth making it look great? The point is, when you give out our your business card, people will make a judgement on it. It's not ok to have a badly thought-out business card; it'll damage your business image. After all, you can only make a first impression once! Whether you're in charge of a huge multi-national business or you're self employed running your own business, you need an attractive business card.

Have a look at the business card below. This was printed onto gorgeous uncoated card to give it an earthy, tactile feel and we've matched this with an eye catching, colourful image and a beautiful organic font. A card for a local landed on my doormat the other day - it was printed on thin, flimsy card in black and white (and was even cut down by hand). Who would you call?!