Keep Calm and Carry On

Have you noticed how some adverts have stood the test of time and still look really good today? I've got my eye on a print I saw in a gallery a couple of weeks ago - the Keep Calm and Carry On poster is an iconic, yummy piece of design which is engaging and beautiful - despite having been designed over 50 years ago. Designed as Britain went to war, this poster was part of a series prepared by the Ministry of Information (a government department responsible for publicity and propoganda) to boost morale. The brief was simple - to use bold, bright colours, a simple font and features of the Kind George crown. The first two posters of the series bore the slogans 'Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution Will Bring Us Victory' and 'Freedom is Peril', and were plastered over buses, notice boards and shop windows.

I suppose it's ironic that the most famous of the set was designed for release should our shores have been invaded - and of course, they weren't, so this little gem never saw the light of day for its' intended purpose. I'm not sure what it is which makes the poster so appealing. Is it the fact that the colours and fonts look contemporary and cool, but in a retro way? Is it that the image evokes a sense of nostalgia? Is it that the poster embodies a quintessentially British ideal which secretly, we all love? Whatever the reason, this image is proof that fantastic design is timeless - and if you can engage your audience with an captivating message, so much the better.