Do you know where to find your clients?

Oh my goodness. It's Sunday evening and I'd hoped that the other half and I could engage in a little bit of pleasant conversation after enjoying dinner together. Instead, he's watching the Ryder Cup coverage on TV and I've turned to facebook for entertainment. It always amazes me how relevant the adverts are which pop up on facebook. I don't list many of my personal details on there, but I do share the fact that I'm engaged, live in Sevenoaks and am a company director. Every time I log on, adverts for 'Wedding Photographers in Sevenoaks' and loans for small businesses pop up, vying for my attention. Before I updated my profile to reflect that I'm engaged, facebook would try and hook me up with 'Singles in YOUR area!' and invite me to various club nights. I guess facebook has assumed that now I'm settling down, I'm less interested in clubbing with single people. The point is, people have paid an awful lot of money to advertise on facebook in a bid to be put in front of their target audience. Do you know where to find yours?

Of course, not everybody has the budget to pay facebook for the privilege of advertising on their site, but if we all try a little harder I'm sure we can get in front of the right people to help our businesses grow. I speak to a lot of small business owners who have become despondent with the notion of paying a third party to work on their marketing as they've 'tried it before, and it didn't work'. When I dig a little deeper and find out that by 'tried it before' they mean that they paid for a quarter page ad in the local freebie magazine for three months, or had some leaflets designed which they left in the local newsagents', it's hardly surprising that they saw little or no return on their spend. This week, I'm going to be starting a new project with an exciting new client, and we'll be focusing on how they can find their target demographic for a relatively low cost. Knowing where to target your marketing is one of the most obvious and fundamental elements to successful marketing, so it's puzzling that so many companies are so awful at it. Next time you think about promoting your business, pull out a piece of paper and a pen and think about where you can find your clients. I'm talking age, gender, locality, business type, number of employees... there are a hundred ways you can categorise your perfect client. Just make sure you get to know who they are and where to find them before you spend a penny more on promoting your business.