I'll be working with Rotosound on their new blog

I'm really thrilled about the opportunity to work with a company I've admired for a long time, having used their product from the tender age of 12. Rotosound are the only UK based manufacturer of guitar strings, and their heritage is impressive. Founded in the 1950's by James How, the Rotosound brand is synonymous with an amazing, unique sound and incredible quality. So much so that musicians such as John Entwistle of The Who, Jimmy Hendrix, Billy Sheehan, Pendulum, Florence and the Machine and Kasabian (to name just a few of the massive list!) are proud to endorse Rotosound strings.

I met Jason How, the current CEO (and James' son!), earlier this year and we hit it off very quickly. Jason is keen to raise Rotosounds' online presence, having started to use twitter and facebook this year to raise the company's profile. Over a coffee on a grotty Friday afternoon, Jason told me about the huge amount of news that Rotosound have to share, and we realised that not creating a channel to voice all of the events would really be a wasted opportunity. I really can't wait to get started on their blog. Jason has already merrily cluttered up my inbox with tons of news for October, and I'll be putting this together to post on their blog just as soon as it's set up. I'll post a link to the blog shortly, but in the meantime here's one of my favourite photos from the Rotosound history. Imagine having Jimmy Hendrix pictured with your product - what an incredible endorsement.