New in this week... a price list for Seventh Heaven

Working with Trish and Christelle to promote their brand new business has been lots of fun. Seventh Heaven offer an impressive range of sumptuous massages, and as a new business they needed help creating an image which would win them clients. The girls came to us for the design of posters and price lists to distribute from the salon in town that they're working from - and I'm glad they did! They wanted something girly and retro with a heavenly twist, and were as thrilled as we were with the results. Dan crafted them a beautiful price list, complete with retro candy-pink polka dots, a soft cream background and pastel colours. We drew some gorgeous angel wings which was incorporated into the logo - the whole look is very dreamy! What I've loved most about Trish and Christelle is their infectious positivity and excitement - when we unveiled the first proof Trish's face lit up like a kid at Christmas! You probably can't read it as Blogger doesn't let me display images as large as I'd like to, but we also wrote some very fitting descriptive copy to accompany the leaflet. Writing for your audience is really important, and can really help sell your product! These ladies recognise the value in being armed with well-designed, well thought out marketing literature, and I know it'll do an awful lot of good in winning them new clients. One thing I really love about handing over a job we're proud of to a client is not just the fact I know it'll help them grow a more profitable business, but the extent to which it enthuses the client and creates a ripple effect of excitement. When you've got an image and marketing literature you can be really proud of, I guarantee it'll rub off on your clients.