Does the scatter gun leaflet drop approach work?

In short - yes, it does! We frequently get asked to give our opinion on the best way to distribute leaflets. Should you pay Royal Mail to do it (which can be pricey), employ a local distribution company to do it (which can be unreliable), or bribe your teenage son and their friends to do it (I'd question the reliablility here too!)? And more importantly, does it even work?

A new vets moved into our area recently. Nice logo, good branding, and word had it that their facilities and knowledge are really good. I've been loyal to my vets for more years than I care to remember. Owning two houserabbits, I've struggled to find a vet who can capably look after them - but my wonderful vet has always done me proud. He relocated recently, and although the journey to reach him was now longer, I concluded that it was still worth it and for the past year have been making an almost hour-long round trip every time one of the bunnies needs attention. The thing is though, I keep getting leaflets through from this new vet. Not just at home, but at work too, and the impressive thing about their leaflet drops is that they are consistent and regular - probably delivered about three weeks apart and I must have received leaflets at home from them about four times now.

It's really this repetition which has made their promotion successful; every time a leaflet lands on my doorstep, the promotion gains momentum and gets my attention just a little bit more. They're gradually commanding a higher profile in my mind, which without doubt wouldn't have happened if the vets had only sent out one leaflet. There's plenty of research out there which tells us that you have to repeat your message several times before people become aware of it, and this is definitely proof of that theory. Despite my fierce loyalty to my vets, I've found myself mulling over the fact that the new practice is closer to my home, open all day on Saturdays (my normal vets close at 1), offer late night clinics and are, apparently, really quite good at their job. I'd be really interested to find out how much business they've won off the back of these leaflets - I bet they've more than covered the costs of the design, print and distribution. As for me - well, I think I may well pop in at the weekend and have a little look around...