A moment of reflection - our sample board gets updated

If you were to have come in on Saturday morning, you would have seen me sitting cross-legged on the floor with a mug of tea, merrily trawling through boxes and boxes of print samples from the jobs we've worked on over the last few months. Anyone who has visited us at our home on London Road will be familiar with our sample board - it's right by the door to greet customers when they come in, and it's a brilliant place for us to showcase some of our favourite jobs. I have to admit that we've been a little bit lax about updating our board recently, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy going through our samples. I'm really proud of the jobs we've worked on this year, and I love the range of clients that we work with. Among the samples here, you'll see work for one man bands and big companies alike - we've got flyers for an equine chiropractor, appointment cards for a local hairdresser, brochures for a florist, business cards for an online auction site, scratch cards for a flight simulator experience and promo cards for a dog walking service. What I love most about this selection of samples is it proves that no matter what size your business is, great design is totally accessible and can transform your business image. It also goes to show that we pour the same level of care, dedication and knowledge into each job, and I think the samples here are proof of that.