New in this week... a logo for Minerva Languages

I'm always very flattered when we're asked to help a brand new business establish their identity. Your logo says so much about you, and is really pivotal in establishing your style - so when we're approached to help a new business find their feet and create an image for them, it's an exciting opportunity! We first met Hilary Burdess of Minerva Languages a few weeks ago. She was full of ideas, but unsure of where to take them. She'd settled on a company name, and wanted her logo to reflect the name she'd chosen. She sent us loads of images that she'd found online - from images of the goddess Minerva (goddess of wisdom, in case you were wondering) to images of owls (who often appeared with Minerva). After lengthy discussion, we felt that the owl was a powerful image which would convey wisdom and knowledge (Hilary's ability to work with language is incredible!), and as such, was perfect. We then debated the pose that the owl would be in - definitely not swooping (bit scary), not looking away (would appear absent-minded at best and heartbroken at worst) - we were all in agreement that the owl must be looking directly at the audience. Having sketched up various different styles of owl, we landed on the perfect illustration which we felt was soft but direct. Moving on to the typography, we played with several different fonts which we presented to Hilary. As Minerva will be working with foreign companies who's first language isn't English, the text needed to be clear and legible. While Hilary and I both loved the soft script fonts, it was too wishy washy combined with the owl illustration so felt that a stronger font would be needed. We looked at both serif and san-serif fonts and agreed that we needed a serif font which would be full of character, rather than a colder san-serif font. Needless to say, choosing the right font was quite a process! I'm so pleased with the font she chose as it was my personal favourite. I love that the illustration combined with the strong font and gentle colours create a really strong image - in fact, they encompass Hilary and her attitude perfectly: strong, knowledgeable and very friendly. The logo is beautifully simple - but as often the way with design, simple is quite often the end result of a complex process of thought, discussion and reworking. Here's how the process went:

Number One: owl illustration in place, we tried some san-serif fonts

Number Two: for contrast, we tried some serif fonts which had a bit more character. We tried a version with a script font to test how it looked, and also tried adding colour to the owl which we felt was too heavy.
Option Three: some more serif fonts with the owl in different positions
The final logo! The purple denotes knowledge and quality (Cadbury's was our inspiration!) but adds a gentle tone to the strong font. Logo - done.