New in this week... a gorgeous festive promotion for Sashani

The brief was to create something simple, christmassey and glamourous to promote a Christmas event. I'm pretty darn pleased with the results:

The information on this flyer might be minimal, but it's well thought out and cleverly put together. We've used a lovely festive vector image to get that christmassey feel, used a gorgeous script font to which we've added some extra sparkles (perfect to link in with the diamond promotion!), and given plenty of prominence to the contact details and important dates. It's no coincidence that the image works brilliantly against a black background, which fits in with Sashani's sleek, contemporary branding. We printed these flyers on our heavy silk paper to give the flyers a substantial, high quality feel - cheap and flimsy would not have cut it for this job! This job is proof that simplicity is beautiful; I'm really pleased with the results.