Fancy winning £1,000 to spend on promoting your business?

At the start of the new year, we all know we should be promoting our business. With businesses still recovering from snow-hit December, cash might be a little bit tight which means marketing may well go on the back burner. Fear not! (apologies for the cheese factor) Once again we're running a ridiculously cool competition through our print franchise, Entering is dead easy. All we're asking for is a shameless plug - get our name out there in the most inventive way possible! Last year, people tweeted about us, blogged about us, took photos of themselves holding our banners - have a look at some of last years' entries here. All you have to do is email us the evidence of your plug, and we'll put your entry in a gallery with all of the other entries. The public vote for their favourite and if it's you, you get a great big £1,000 to spend on printing! That can't be bad for the new year now, can it. Get cracking - I can't wait to see your entries!