Have you seen the new Starbucks logo?

I get that every now and then, your branding needs a facelift to bring your image up to date. It's what we specialise in! It's also what we've just done to our own logo (more on that coming soon!), which you can see on our brand new website. The problem is, when you have a huge international brand which has been established for decades, your customers will feel a certain ownership towards your brand, and those loyal customers may not like what you do to your logo. Check out the new Starbucks logo:

For the first time in the brands' history, they've dropped their company name and the word 'coffee' from their logo. Starbucks' CEO says that this is part of a move to diversify the brand and broaden the opportunities to sell more than just coffee, but the 200-plus angry comments on the company's website show that customers aren't impressed. What do you think? Was the Starbucks brand due a face lift, or has an iconic logo just been ruined?