New in this week... flyers for Mudpool

I love working with enthusiastic, passionate people, so I was excited to be working with Warren and Corina Cheetham of Mudpool, a UK based online auction site. Mudpool is one of a kind - unlike other auction sites you can bid on services (like driving lessons, for example) as well as products. The team have worked hard to make their site unique and have included all manner of gadgets and gizmos such as their interactive seller walls to make the shopping experience more enjoyable. As with many new businesses, their initial concern was to drive traffic to their site. We spoke at great length about how best to do that, and decided that offering an incentive would be the best way to achieve their goal. Having weighed up various different options, we decided that when new users register, they'd be automatically entered into a prize draw to win iTunes vouchers. So how to let people know about this brilliant promotion?

Have a look at the fantastic flyer we produced:

It's got everything you want in a flyer - it's attention grabbing with the cool bright colours, has a clear message (which is reinforced on the second side) and has a strong call to action with the 3-step guide to registering. I was really chuffed with the layout that Dan put together, and so were Warren and Corina - so much so that they made absolutely no requests for tweaks to the design. One of the things that makes this flyer so strong is how it stays so close to the Mudpool brand - not only in terms of fonts, colours and graphics, but also in the style of the copy. The Mudpool team have made a very conscious effort to make sure that all of their text is laid back and engaging. You'll find the same style of writing on their website and their newsletters, and this really helps create a fun brand. The Mudpool website really is fantastic - have a look!