New in this week... a flyer for iPilot

For the new year, iPilot wanted to try a different way of attracting new customers. Rather than promote their flights with a wordy folded leaflet, we wanted to produce something snappier which laid out their prices in an easy-to-read format. The brief was to make it eye-catching and colourful - here's how it looked:

We printed this rather lovely flyer onto a die-cut matt laminated 250gsm card (for the geeks among you!), with the top being cut around the aeroplane to give it a custom shape. I popped up to see Rob at the Bluewater store on Tuesday, and I must say that the flyers look brilliant on display - especially with the banner we produced for the same promotion next to the literature stand! I love the use of colour here - we've moved slightly away from the usual corporate colours of red and white. The colour dots on the front are reminiscent of the Go Airlines marketing, and I think it works well for iPilot, who feature dots in their logo.

The guys at iPilot have already found that this new way of presenting prices makes it much easier to sell than their previous marketing literature, which is exactly what we wanted. Adding in the hook of lower prices when you book in advance will no doubt have helped - but it all adds up to sales and that's what matters!