Should you say it online or in print?

These days, with it being so easy and relatively low cost to get your message out online, should you bother promoting your business via good old fashioned print any more? Well, according to an article in the Daily Telegraph, you should: 'E-readers 'too easy' to read

Readers using electronic books like the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader are less likely to remember what thet have read because the devices are so easy on the eyes, research suggests.

Nick Collins

By Nick Collins 8:47PM GMT 13 Jan 2011

It has long been assumed that displaying information more clearly and legibly will help readers take it on board, but the truth could be the opposite – that making something easy to read causes the brain to be lazy.

Amazon Kindle

Rather than making things clearer, e-readers and computers prevent us from absorbing information because their crisp screens and fonts tell our subconscious that the words they convey are not important, it is claimed.

In contrast, handwriting and fonts that are more challenging to read signal to the brain that the content of the message is important and worth remembering, experts say.

Neuroscience blogger Jonah Lehrer found he was less likely to recall information he had read on his Kindle e-reader, even though the reading experience was easier and more relaxing.

He wrote on his Frontal Cortex blog that there are two ways of reading – using the brain's ventral pathway, through which the brain recognises words and understands their individual meanings, or the dorsal stream, which activates itself when we have to focus on an obscure word, awkward clause or illegible writing.'

Translated to marketing, this could mean that your message isn't taken as seriously when it's presented on a computer screen. With studies suggesting that direct mail and printed marketing will be big in 2011, do you need help to plan your marketing this year? Join me for a complimentary marketing consultation to help your business grow - just drop me an email to book your session!