Show your customers some love

It's the season of cupid, roses and huge profits for Hallmark - yep, Valentines has come round again. While you might be thinking about a nice romantic day with your other half on the 14th, have you thought about showing your customers that you love them, too? What could it do for your business if you tell your customers that you appreciate them? I'm not actually talking about sending your customers heart-shaped boxes of chocolates (although if they're anything like me, it'll probably go down well) and serenading them with love songs. I'm talking about the seemingly little, and often over-looked, things that you can do to enhance your customers' experience when they buy from you and what that'll do to your future relationship with them. It's a well publicised fact that selling to new customers is an expensive affair and can cost between 7 to 20 times more than selling to people who already know and trust you. While all businesses want more customers, the logical thing to do is get better at selling to your current client base. What can you do to make your customer happier?

In a world of increasingly terrible customer service a simple way to impress is to be outstanding with the service you provide. Go out of your way to get the job done. Be helpful, and offer your customer more  than any of your competitors would. Be cheerful on the phone. Smile more. Some of the most successful businesses (I'm thinking of cafes and restaurants) actually train their staff on how to be nice to customers because they know how important it is to the customers' experience. It's not really rocket science, is it? But I can guarantee it'll make your customer feel more loved. Customers who feel valued and who are happy with the product and service you deliver can quickly turn into a mini sales force - happy customers will buy more often, they'll go out of their way to give you business, are happier to pay and will enjoy working with you which makes for a much more positive relationship. So this year, at Valentines - be an old romantic and show your customers just how much you care. It'll be worth it!