Sex Guaranteed!

Bet that caught your eye, didn't it? You frisky so-and-so. Actually, it caught my eye too - I was innocently walking accross the car park behind our studio in Sevenoaks when a passed a huge lorry with those words printed down the side of it. Far from being part of a seedy advert, it was part of some very clever branding for national chain Pets Corner, letting everybody know that they guarantee the sex of their livestock. I really wish I'd had my BlackBerry with me so I could have taken a picture, but for now I'll have to make do with sharing this cute illustration taken from their website. Credit to whoever dreamt up this promotion, because it's really, really well thought-out. It catches your eye for all the wrong reasons and makes you smile for all the right ones. It just goes to show that the shock factor can play a big part in getting you to remember a company, and if you remember them with a smile then so much the better!