Copywriting for Leaves Inspired

Daphne at Leaves Inspired first approached me for help designing a flyer. She'd seen my blog and decided that she definitely needed some help in promoting her services (hurrah - proof that the blog is winning me business!). We booked a time to have a chat about her objectives and what she wanted to achieve, and sat down over some tea to talk business. It soon became very apparent that Daphne needed more than just a flyer to promote her business - as yet, she didn't really have an online presence (apart from a holding page on her website), and her main problem was that her target client base simply didn't know she was there. Getting her website live was the first priority. She's lucky enough to have a design-savvy brother who'd already started work on her site, but needed the content from her in order to get the site finished. Daphne was really struggling with how to explain what she does, which was holding her back from moving forwards. I asked her a set of questions to discover more about her business, her target clients and how she goes about gaining business to understand what makes her tick. It really struck me that the parallels between our two businesses are ridiculously close! I'm not going to tell you what she does - I'm going to show you the text I wrote for her website: It can be tough, can’t it, when you feel as though you’re stuck in a rut and unable to get to where you want to be? We all have the capability to be and achieve almost anything that we want, but so often our hesitancies stand in our way. Our beliefs of the way our life is can be so incredibly limiting, and adjusting the way we think can be the key to changing your story. I liken my work to that of an interior designer; they visit you to discuss how you use your home and what you’d like it to look like, create a mood board to discuss their vision and then they’ll carry out the work needed to get your home looking as you’d like it to. I work in a very similar way – discuss what goes on, how you want everything to look and feel and then facilitate the change needed to make it happen! At the end of the process, my client leaves me feeling happier and confident that their life will be different - and that’s what really matters.

People come to me because they want their life to be different in some way. My clients are people who want change in their life, or feel as though they’re capable of more (although they may not know what ‘more’ looks like). They’re prepared to be gently coaxed out of their comfort zone to examine what needs to happen in order to give them the life they want, which is the start of our journey together. We start by finding out what the clients’ life is like now – what works, what doesn’t and what their vision is for how they’d like things to be. Together we create a ‘storyboard’ for a better life; we discuss their values and beliefs and talk about what we need to do differently. We’ll identify and clear any obstacles in their way, and discover the power of perspective and what that means for them. I’ll then be there to support my client through the process of change, balancing all of the elements that need to be addressed – and I celebrate with them once they’re ready to proceed independently, equipped with the tools they need to manage the rest of the change themselves.

For some people, they just need one or two consultations to help guide them towards the right path. Often a gentle nudge is enough to make a difference. Other people like to have several sessions over a period of time as they feel more comfortable with the level of support I’m able to offer. Perhaps we’ll speak soon? If you’d like to book a consultation, please contact me on.......... I very much look forward to meeting you!

About Daphne

Daphne is passionate about helping people make the most of their lives. She’s a nurse, NLP practitioner and Reiki healer and draws on her experience to work holistically, balancing the physical, mental emotional and spiritual to help her clients connect with their internal guidance system. Her enthusiasm and positivity are infectious, and with 30 years experience in healthcare, she’s well positioned to guide you towards a happier life. She’s learnt from some of the very best teachers, coaches and mentors in the world, and continues to learn from them to constantly develop her skills. She works with individuals or groups, in person or via telephone. To find out more, call her on.....

This text had gone through a brainstorming session and 3 revisions before I had something I was content with. I was absolutely bowled over by Daphne's response:

Hi Hannah

In the initial read-through I focussed on the words. After re-reading several times I am struck by the energy, power even, behind them! You have managed to perfectly capture the excitement and potential of the work I do. Well done you! I'm really, really chuffed that Daphne is so thrilled with the work we've produced so far. In fact, I'm glowing with pride! Now we've established her 'voice', the style of everything else we do will follow much more easily. I've deliberately used lots of direct speech ('I' and 'you') to create a sense of empathy with her reader, which builds trust and forms the grounds of a relationship before the client and Daphne have even met. Although Daphne is eager not to reveal her own life story to potential clients, I put together a short biography to give the reader an insite into who Daphne is and how she can help which is essential to building familiarity. All in all, I'm really pleased with how the piece has come out! It's not live yet though, so opinions will be welcome. What do you think?