Ever fancied your own magazine?

A pattern has begun to emerge in my mail over the last few weeks. I've received magazines from Asos.com, Anthropologie and New Look  - beautiful, glossy magazines packed with tips and expertise and all sorts of offers and goodies. As a girl, this is great news. Some of my favourite shops are giving me magazines - the sort I'd usually have to part with a couple of quid for! As a marketeer, it's really interesting. See, as consumers we're becoming a pretty savvy bunch. We know when we're being sold to, and on the whole we don't like it. But this is something very different. I'm not daft; I know that the companies I've mentioned have gone to considerable trouble and expense to produce these magazines, and I know they haven't done it to benefit their health - they want my cash. But the point is, they've tried so much harder than anyone else to catch my attention, and that doesn't go unnoticed. Asos.com's magazine is particularly brilliant - they've got celebrity interviews, make-up tips, fashion trends and everything else you'd find in a womens' glossy. Of course they're trying to sell to me - but they've caught my eye and given me a really nice magazine to read, so I don't really care. They've even gone to the effort of showing me how I can put together a whole outfit (including hair and make-up products!) by purchasing goodies from their site. How about that for encouraging your customer to buy?! These publications will have cost considerably more than your conventional mailer, and a lot more than an eshot, but I'd bet my shoe collection on it providing a better return on investment than anything else. Magazines of this type are so much more subtle than a catalogue (my horsey company have failed to cotton on to the magazine trend yet and insist on sending me boring, monotonous catalogues), and are a fantastic way to engage with your customers. They're a 'keep-me, I'm really useful' item that you can refer back to, meaning your name is more likely to stay on your customers' coffee table and in their minds. Don't be fooled into thinking that magazines are just for big huge companies with loads of dosh to spare. Anyone can produce them, whether you're an accountant (tips on how to manage your tax, perhaps?) or an interior designer (this seasons' wallpaper trends/ colour pallette/ prints.... I could go on), there's a magazine waiting to be written. I won't lie - producing a magazine isn't cheap to do, but I promise it'll yield a great return. Surround yourself with a knowledgeable team of designers and copywriters and you'll be on to a winner! ;-)

PS - if you fancy a copy of our magazine, please drop me an email: hannah@ditto.uk.com