New in this week... business cards for an animal Chiropractor

I've been working with Sheena Harding for a few years now. Having started off working solely on people, she's diversified and gained the necessary qualifications to work her magic on animals, too. For anyone sceptical about how beneficial a chiropractor can be, I can say first-hand that she's amazing! Sheena came to my yard last summer and delivered an eye-opening demo session. The horse she worked on had been incredibly stiff and unwilling to work, but after a couple of sessions with Sheena was moving remarkably better, and seemed much happier to be ridden. But I digress - the point of this post was to show off her shiny new business cards! We decided to print two sets for her - one for her dog owner clients, and one for her horse owners. Sheena was keen to communicate the fact that her services aren't just for show animals, so we searched through hundreds of stock images to find the perfect shots which wouldn't pigeon-hole her as someone who only works with competition animals. Personally, I think the photos really make the design here - the dogs image shows an array of sizes and breeds who all look happy and healthy (the fact they're shot against a green background which is Sheena's corporate colour is no coincidence!), and the horse looks a picture of vitality too - plus, it looks a little bit like my horse (if you squint a bit). I've posted some photos below; 'scuse the quick snaps (and the state of my nails, must get them done at the weekend) but it was the only way to show off the gorgeous spot UV highlights we used - hoofprints on the horse card and paw prints on the dog card. What do you think?