B&Q - Let's do it Together

Have you seen B&Q's new TV ad? It's really clever. Not only have they tapped in to the home-made feel which is oh-so-fasionable in the B2C market at the moment, they've created something really funny, really unique and very memorable. With the opening words 'what are you doing this weekend?' (start with a question to engage the audience, nice), written in white on an orange background (corporate colours consistent with branding, gold star for that), the advert moves into a sequence of You've Been Framed style home videos, depicting the often disasterous voyage through DIY of various unsuspecting home owners. No sooner have you recognised these scenes as something that has happened to you/ your other half (creating empathy with the audience, tick), the advert goes on to tell you that 'DIY doesn't have to be difficult... because we're doing in-store demos and advice online', making you feel happy and comforted that someone can take the stress out of DIY which means you probably won't end up killing yourself/ your other half. B&Q have cleverly positioned themselves here - not only do they come off looking like absolute pros, they've also made themselves look fun and approachable, which is almost as important. The advert really is genius; it's totally appropriate for their target demographic and has a wide appeal (c'mon, who wouldn't laugh at someone falling face-first into a pond or accidentally whacking a hole in the wall when trying to hang a picture?) - and it's a far cry from the slightly cringeworthy staff beaming 'you can do it when you B&Q it'. McCann Erickson, the marketing agency behind this advert, have certainly done themselves proud here. So what do you think of the comedic take on advertising here? Would you consider this approach to market your business?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRa5hZOoYO4&w=640&h=390]