New in This Week... Exhibition design for My Restaurant Card

We get asked to design all sorts of things at Ditto, and last week it was all about exhibitions! Tom of My Restaurant Card asked us to help him create a banner design for the Foodies festival at Hampton Court, and we were only too happy to oblige. Despite a tighter-than-tight deadline, we crafted a banner which packed loads of punch and gave his stand a real presence at the festival. Being a fairly young company offering an incredibly impressive discount scheme, Tom was aware that people may be sceptical of them - which is the last thing they want as a business looking to gain significant growth over the next few months. The whole look and feel of My Restaurant Card's branding is very strong so it's essential to back that up with an equally powerful message in every other communication that the business presents. I was brimming with pride (as I know Tom was!) when Tom told me that their stand was one of the best there - have a look at some of the photos below!