Copywriting: Understanding the PEC formula

Writing and formulas? Can it be? Well yes, actually - there are loads of formulas you can apply to your writing which will make it umpteen times better. And in terms of writing for business, better = more likely to win a new customer and get that sale. Let me introduce you to my friend PEC... I firmly believe that PEC is the single most important tool available to anyone responsible for writing copy for your business. It stands for Point, Evidence Comment and will help you tranform a shapeless ramble (let's face it, we've all been there when writing for our business) into something clear, structured and concise. In a little more detail it looks like this:

Point - what is it you want to say? What's the point of writing this piece? Are you introducing your brand new flavour of smoothie? A new promotion, perhaps? Start with the point of the matter and work from there.

Evidence - a little commentary to back up your point. Don't be fooled by the word 'evidence' - this doesn't have to be a testimonial (although that can never hurt), but instead a little more explanation of your initial point.

Comment - the opportunity for you to round up what you've just said and why it's so important.

So if we're looking at our brand new smoothie flavour, the PEC formula could look like this:

Bananarama are excited to introduce their brand new banana and pineapple smoothie! (Point) Packed with vitamin C and iron, our new smoothie is absolutely scrummy and delicious any time of the day, as well as being really healthy. Our customers tell us it's their new favourite! (Evidence) Come along to our high street store and try it for yourself - we promise you'll love it! (Comment)

This structured way of writing adds real value to your copy - it'll help you confidently make your point and explain yourself in a way which flows seamlessly. Try it out next time you're writing and let me know how you get on!