Powerful Branding: more than a pretty logo

Did you see my second article in the business pages of the Kent Courier newspaper? Our lovely postie congratulated me on it this morning; it's lovely to know people are actually reading it (even though that in itself is a scary thought!). This months' article was all about branding - an absolute essential for any business.

While many perceive branding to essentially boil down to a logo (and if you're in the camp who believe that company name + some sort of clipart = logo, we deperately need to talk), branding goes much deeper than that. Why? Your branding encapsulates everything about you. It's your style, your voice and how your business 'feels' to the outside world. Why does that matter? It matters because that initial contact sets a presidence for what a potential client will think your business is about. First impressions count.

So, we've recently been working with Leila at Coco Cuscino and I'm dying to share her brand with you. Leila makes gorgeous bespoke cushions, handmade to order from beautiful vintage fabrics and she's got her branding down to a T. Everything about the brand exudes luxury, from her website (complete with stunning lifestyle photography) to the thank you cards she sends out with every order. Her logo is really a very small part of the look and feel of her business, yet you can't fail to be drawn into her world through the use of well-thought out photography and the words she uses to describe her product. The style is consistent throughout everything that leaves her doors, and that's what branding is all about. You won't find exclamative sentences, fluro colours or child-like fonts on any of her marketing - the colour palette, house typography and writing style have been pinned down and carefully maintained by all of the professionals Leila has employed to help build her brand. This is truly an example of branding at it's best, and with orders flooding in from all over the world, Leila has certainly carved her niche in the market. I dare you to sit back and take a moment to review all of your marketing - does it consistently convey the same message?