New in This Week... flyer design for

A massive part of marketing is knowing your customers' buying habits. What motivates them to buy, when they buy and how they like to interact with your brand - without this, it's really tough to know how to sell to them. Warren and Corina from noticed that during lunch time in the city, cafes and restaurants are filled with women shopping online - and being that Mudpool attracts a huge number of women, it made good sense to take advantage of this observation. If you haven't browsed Mudpool yet (shame on you if you haven't!), they're a brilliantly unique online auction site which encourages interaction between buyers and sellers with fantastic 'shop walls' and a brand new forum. The site has organically evolved into a haven for one-off pieces of bespoke handmade jewellery and lots of original pieces of art for sale, making it a great site for a spot of lunchtime browsing. To make the most of the city girls' lunchtime habit, we devised an irresistibly eye-catching flyer in shocking pink with glistening spot UV. Take a look... The gorgeous spot UV which is printed on the fuscia side of the flyer appeals to the magpie that lies within all of us (you can't underestimate the 'oooh, shiny' effect!), and only shows up when the light catches it, adding to the intrigue of the whole flyer. I love the way that Dan has carefully engineered the typography to give a fairly standard font a lovely feminine twist, with the stars just adding to the girly appeal. We printed the flyers at a purse-friendly size (slightly larger than a business card), making it perfect for popping in your bag to go back to later. The flyer deliberately gives very little away in terms of information - the idea behind them is to just 'tease' people and give away just enough information to encourage them to go to the website to find out more. I'm really pleased with the combination of clear spot UV and the stunning pink (the flyer has made it to our wall of fame in the studio!) - what do you think?