Have you started planning Christmas yet?

If you’re in the leisure or hotel sector, you’ll have planned Christmas months ago. If you’re anything like the majority of our clients though, Christmas will only just about be popping up on your horizon. Adult consumers over the age of 25 spend an average of £313 each at Christmas, so there’s a huge amount of business to be had and it’s well worth planning ahead. So, how can you make the most of the festive season? If you sell directly to consumers, planning Christmas promotions is relatively easy, but you can benefit even if you work business to businesses.

Think about how you could adapt your offering, or sell it in a different way to make it Christmas-appropriate. Do you need to sell via a different route? At a Christmas market perhaps, or via a different website? If you packaged your product differently, could you make it feel like more of a gift? You may find that the people who buy your product at Christmas are not the same people your branding is aimed towards, so you may need to think about adapting your usual message to capture the mind of the gift-buyer.

But what if you offer a service which simply isn’t a gift item? Think about how you may be able to produce a package or gift voucher to redeem against your services. This needn’t be exclusively for consumers; in tight times those who own a small business would undoubtedly welcome a gift towards their business. A voucher with an accountant who you know will be able to help them to grow their business? Not your conventional gift, but worth considering! Last year we produced Ditto gift vouchers for several clients who wanted to purchase a certain amount of our time to give to a friend or relative to help get their business off the ground. Do you have an innovative way of selling your services at Christmas? I'd love to hear from you!