Powerful brand positioning from Twinings - getting you back to you

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdkcsDueSMM&w=420&h=315]Have you seen the new Twinings advert? If you haven't seen it on TV, you'll probably have heard the soundtrack on the radio. It's everywhere. And it's a good thing - a change of pace for Twinings (not a Stephen Fry voice over in sight), the animated advert is serene, gorgeous and well thought-out. Depicting a girl lost at sea who finds herself at the shore, the tag line 'getting you back to you' perfectly encapsulates Britain's relationship with tea.

Twinings was established in 1706, making it a long-established part of British life. As the tea market has become increasingly competitive, Twinings have sought to distinguish themselves from all the others - certainly, their adverts have always been of a different ilk to those featuring Johnny Vegas and a stuffed monkey. This is a bit of a departure, though. With their ever-increasing range of 'healthy' teas, packed full of anti-oxidants and all sorts of other things that they tell us we should consume more of, Twinings have aimed their advertising very definitely towards the female market. This delicately animated advert is accompanied by a haunting cover of The Calling's Wherever You Will Go by Charlene Soraia, creating a dreamy and emotive mood. So, why is this such a good thing? Twinings have cleverly picked up on our relationship with tea (if your house is anything like mine, the belief that 'a cup of tea will fix anything' is practically a religion), while perfectly positioning themselves for the female market. Of course, it doesn't stop with the TV advert. Twinings have backed this up online with a 'Take 10' campaign, empathising with the modern woman's inability to find time for herself while encouraging her to 'take 10' minutes to recharge - while enjoying a cup of tea. This is handily supported with an interactive tool to help you select the best type of Twinings tea to help you relax, refresh and recharge.

Why's the advert successful? It's a noticeable difference in advertising from a brand that is so British that we all feel as though we know it inside out, which in itself will make you sit up and notice. It's brilliantly engaging with it's target audience, and it's got everyone talking through a multitude of channels including facebook, youtube and twitter. And they're talking in a good way. It would seem that Twinings have done a fantastic job in extolling the virtues and health benefits of tea drinking - and they've created an ad campaign that I'm certain will be cited as incredibly clever for a long time to come.