Last week's Social Media Workshop: a round-up

Last week, a group of eager-to-learn business people descended on St Julian's in Sevenoaks for a workshop dedicated to giving businesses the tools they need to successfully navigate the often unnerving world of social media. As you'll probably know by now, Ditto has teamed up with Katie King at Zoodikers to bring her fantastic workshops to Sevenoaks - and of course the first workshop was always going to be telling of how this joint venture would play out! I'm really, really pleased to say that it all went entirely without a hitch and everyone left feeling empowered and raring to go. We started by examining the different social media channels and how they could each be exploited, answering various questions along the way and looking at specific case studies. We spent significant time exploring the ways in which all of our social media activity can be measured, to ensure that social media could play part of a wider marketing strategy rather than a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that the world and his wife are now tweeting. As Katie lead our guests through the workshop, there were pennies dropping all over the room - wonderful to see that our course content was really having the desired impact. Daphne from Leaves Inspired sent me this lovely message via LinkedIn:

"Wow! I'm impressed! Yesterday's workshop was great! Not so much a lightbulb moment, more like Blackpool illuminations! When I get my breath back I might be ready to join the 21st century!"

Katie and I are already planning our next workshops, so please do check back for more information as we release dates. You'll be able to find information about our joint workshops either on the Zoodikers or Ditto website - or of course feel free to drop either Katie or I a line; we'll be delighted to hear from you.