Old Spice – The Perfect Social Media Case Study

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD1WqPGn5Ag] Having teamed up with Tunbridge Wells based PR agency, Zoodikers, it made perfect sense for us to share the same space to deliver business-building marketing tools. This is the first guest blog post by the Zoodikers team on a subject they know inside out: social media, and what it means for businesses.

When trying to demonstrate the endless potential of an effective social media campaign, there have been many occasions on which I have called upon that memorable Old Spice campaign. A viral phenomenon, it left no man wanting to “smell like lady scented body wash”.

The interactive and engaging nature of the campaign was unlike anything that the market had seen before; it was clearly targeted and prompted a vast response campaign.

To Social Media practitioners and Marketing Managers alike, the campaign is exciting and inspiring. While not all businesses have the almost limitless budget, it is the foundation on which the campaign is built that carries the valuable lesson.

According to recent research from The Wall, part of Brand Republic, consumers want brands on social media to be interactive, entertaining and informative. The interactivity of the Old Spice campaign meant that it made the perfect viral.

So what does this mean for your social media campaign? Firstly, it means that your social media activity shouldn’t only be about your product or service. If something is entertaining, then people will want to share it (that’s great for your SEO too!).

Secondly, it means that if you can overcome your fear and invite people to interact with your campaign, the likelihood is that they will.  Recent research from Hubspot suggests that people spend 1 in every 8 minutes on Facebook alone, so imagine the potential reach of campaign that people are invited to share in on social media.

Finally, it highlights the importance of remembering your marketing objectives. The Old Spice campaign can attribute its success to a very clearly identified target market; creators knew that they needed to get couples talking about body wash products.

As with any investment (be that time or money) in marketing, you want to ensure that they are ultimately geared towards achieving your wider business goals. What this really highlights is that it is not as simple as ‘jumping on the social media bandwagon’.

I hope that this has got you excited about the potential of social media to raise brand awareness and leverage your sales. With a creative mind and a commercial focus, there really is an amazing opportunity to go directly to your consumers with social media.  We are passionate about inspiring such best practice and creativity in B2B SMEs, and would love to hear about your social media challenges. What do you find tough when using social media for your busniess?