New in This Week... A brand identity and new stationery for Bus Doctor

It's not quite new in this week, but new to the blog nonetheless (planning for 2012 has got in the way of blogging lately!). The Bus Doctor are a team of highly skilled mechanics who specialise in precision engineering, based in Sevenoaks. They came to us to redesign their stationery... but not content with simply doing a nice layout on some letterheads, we felt we had to put our mark on their branding too! With a name as brilliant as Bus Doctor (soooo much more creative than 'XYZ Mechanics Ltd'), we couldn't help but have a little fun with their branding. The brief was clear - to bring the company a modern look but with classic values - nothing too ostentatious or fancy, and the focus had to be on the very precise nature of the work which goes on at The Bus Doctor. To keep things classic, we used sensible, grown up colours that hold authority - a dark silver and deep burgundy, teamed with a more contemporary font. I love that the spanner and nut (illustrated by Dan), works within the shape of the typography to add that bit of interest. It's these little flourishes and details which really take a logo from being type-based to something really quite special, and for this job it's worked brilliantly.

At Ditto we always encourage our clients to make the most of their stationery, and use all of the available space to convey their message. With this in mind, we've worked Bus Doctor's strapline into the business card design; 'precision engineering to make your bus better' a simple, memorable line which really sums up everything that the company is about. I think it's great that there's a bit of humour in this wording, which is perhaps not what you'd expect to see from a mechanic's business card - and it makes the design so much more appealing. After all, it never hurts to show a bit of personality in your branding!