Inspired by... hand rendered typography

While you're out shopping this Christmas, keep an eye out for a new typography trend which is popping up just about everywhere at the moment - hand rendered typography. You'll have seen it mainly on packaging and maybe in adverts - a bit too 'out there' and difficult to read to become a mainstay in the designers' toolkit, but beautiful to look at, and very fashionable at the moment. I love the way that this style adds personality, warmth and familiarity and gives a wholesome, home-made feel. Interesting how design has taken a turn towards a more child-like, hand-crafted style... perhaps to remind us of safer, more care-free times when we were younger and unconcerned by mounting debt and global economy? Perhaps. The impact that typography can have on the overall perception of a piece of artwork is really incredible, and I'm itching for an opportunity to put this style to good use (although you may just spot it on our Christmas cards this year...!). It's a trend that's attracting controversy though, as some feel it's simply too messy to be of any value. What do you think? Love it or hate it?

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