Find your voice: Know your customers point of pain


'Time. So much to answer for. Not enough hours in the day - not enough days in the week. Everyone wants a little piece of you. It's time you stopped. Switched off. Forgot about time. Put down your phone and held your loved ones hand. It's nice, isn't it?'

Have you seen the latest Thomsons' holiday TV advert? It's an irresistible piece - and apart from being beautifully shot and accompanied by a gorgeous piece of music (Where is My Mind by The Pixies, in case you were curious), it hits upon all of the reasons why you might book a holiday.

What it isn't

It's not about flashy price deals - neon coloured roundels screaming about package deals to Malaga, or an extra night free at Disney when you book a ten day stay. This isn't any of those things, which is what makes it special.

What it is

A word you'll hear me use a lot when talking about great marketing - this advert is engaging. From the very beginning, you want to see more. It captivates the audience and draws you in. This is essential in successful marketing.

Why it works

Quite simply: it hits the nail on the head. Thomson have totally understood the needs of their customers, and what's better, they've shown their customers that at Thomson, they know what matters to you. Empathy is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, showing you can relate to your customers - that you're on their side.

How can you use this go your advantage?

This is textbook stuff - it ticks all the right boxes and works perfectly. But without a flash ad agency or enviable budget at your disposal, how can you make the theory work for you? At the top of this post, I've shared the text from the advert which for me is the most powerful. From this you can see that the words alone pack some serious clout - and that's great news. It means that by using the right words, you can create empathy with your prospects - show them that you know what's bugging them, and what you can do to help make it better. Customers make decisions on which brand is right for them based on both emotional and pragmatic reasoning, so winning their mind is a bit part of winning their business.

My tips to try...

Jot down some words which summarise the reasons why people buy from you. Use these on your website, blog and social media - and when you're talking to prospects. It'll show them that you understand the problems they face and give them confidence that you're the right person for them. Give it a try, and let me know how you get on!