This weeks' Brand and Social Media workshop: a round up

This week Ditto's wonderful PR partner, Katie King, joined me to run our Brand and Social Media Workshop at St Julians in Sevenoaks. Despite being a murky, grey day, there was no shortage of inspiration in the room. Joined by a lovely group of ambitious business people who are all serious about taking big steps forward with their business in 2012, we started the day by taking a good hard look at what a brand truly is. There was a lot of discussion about branding as we explored the ways our guests could own their niche in the market, their value proposition, how to develop a set of core values and how to build value in their brand to enable them to charge a premium for what they do (yes, that's right - if your branding is strong enough you will be able to charge more for your services. Sound good? Come to our next workshop to find out how - we're about to release our next date for March).

Needless to say, there was a lot to take in

I really enjoyed the very active debate that took place as each of our guests discussed their particular challenges, and it was great that everyone was sufficiently relaxed that they felt able to open up and bear their souls to one another as we got to the basics of everyone's businesses and what makes them tick. Inspirational stuff. When Katie and I designed this course, we felt it was essential that our guests were crystal clear about their brand message before they started using social media. By truly understanding who your clients are and why they buy from you, you can be sure that the message you're broadcasting via Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn and YouTube is exactly what it needs to be. After all, being consistent with your message is absolutely key to creating an engaging brand that will win you new prospects and make it easier for you to sell.

And so after lunch...

We cracked on with a whistle-stop tour of social media. Social media is a massive topic and with so much to digest in a relatively short space of time, I'm sure our guests will find Katie's information pack invaluable as they start using social media to grow their business.

I'm proud to say that the majority of our guests scored the day 10/10 and the feedback we had was outstanding. So, fancy joining us in March? We'll be unveiling a whole load more ways you can create a powerful brand which will win you business. And so here are some of the lovely things that were said about the day...

'I found the branding session challenging (in a good way!) and came away with lots of food for thought'

'Useful way to focus my thoughts. The overview of social media sites and how to use them was particularly beneficial'

'Very informative and well presented - 10 out of 10!'

Incidentally, Katie now has a regular slot on BBC Radio Kent with Dominic King at drivetime on Monday afternoons to talk about social media - do try and catch her if you can!And keep your eyes peeled for our next workshop in March, I'll keep you updated.