Inspired by... Pininkie

Introducing Pininkie

Pininkie (aka Tanya Stovold) is a printmaker, artist and fabric designer from Sussex.I came across Pininkie through the lovely Corina at Mudpool, and have followed her work via Twitter and Facebook for some time. I absolutely love her style and wanted to share it with you - her use of bold colours and a quirky style gives way to playful, but grown up art.

'When my little lad goes to sleep for the night, I sneak out a project and spend a happy evening listening to BBC Radio 4, working on a design while chatting to the next door neighbour's cat. I am inspired by things I see while I am out and about with the buggy or the horse, things I daydream about and images that appear out of my doodles. I use eco-friendly materials as much as possible and stay awake by drinking gallons of Fairtrade tea!'

I'm coveting her 'Red Horse Waiting' print (pictured above), but also love her Dalmatian print - it'd look gorgeous in my living room. I rarely buy art - the walls of the home I share with my other half and our two house rabbits is adorned mainly with vintage photography and snaps of friends, family and our animals... but I've no hesitation in finding space for one or two of Pininkie's prints.

Images used by kind permission of Pininkie